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Transit Shelter, Bench, and Stop Construction/Repair

By September 27, 2022February 9th, 2023No Comments

Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (CITILINK) is seeking a qualified Contractor to provide services to remove/install bus shelters/benches, perform any construction related to bus stops/shelters/benches, and conduct reoccurring maintenance repairs to all transit stop shelters/benches as needed. Citilink intends to award a five (5) year contract with two (2) additional option years.

Citilink’s scope of work consists of two primary sections and shall include but is not limited to the Construction/Removal/Relocation of Bus Shelters/Benches and Repair of Bus Shelters/Benches. A proposing contractor can submit a proposal for one or both of the sections.

To submit your proposal and learn more about the specific requirements, click here.