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Transit Plans

Citilink 2030 Transit Development Plan

The Citilink 2030 Transit Development Plan represents a combined report of both a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) and a Transit Development Plan (TDP) for the Fort Wayne Public Transit Corporation, dba Citilink. The COA focuses on the current system characteristics and operations, while the TDP addresses opportunities for improvement over the 10-year planning horizon.

The plan was adopted by the Citilink Board of Directors at its February 14, 2020 meeting and while it is a principal planning document for the Citilink Board of Directors and staff, annual review and minor update is recommended to keep the document current.

Read the Citilink 2030 Transit Development Plan


Coordinated Transit Plan

As changes occur in the Fort Wayne-New Haven-Allen County Metropolitan Planning Area, the transportation system must be modified to respond to new and increasing travel demands. The Transportation Plan, often referred to as a Metropolitan Transportation Plan, is the culmination of a planning process that effectively responds to these changing needs. The Plan links the regional vision of how it wants to grow with financially realistic plans for a multi-modal transportation system, provides strategic direction for investment decisions that transition into the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

The Plan establishes short- and long-term transportation investment and policy agenda for the region. The process for developing the Transportation Plan provides an important opportunity to communicate the priorities, critical choices, and general directions for the region to a broad audience, including planning partners, other stakeholders, elected officials, and the public.


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