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Citilink Access

On-demand accessible transportation


Applying for Citilink Access

For riders who meet ADA eligibility requirements, we offer a demand-response van service to individuals who are unable to use our fixed route services.

The ADA states that Citilink regular bus service should be the primary means of Public Transportation for everyone, including people with disabilities. Under the ADA guidelines, Citilink will serve those persons who do not have the functional capability to ride regular Citilink buses.

1. Apply

Before riding with Citilink Access, you’ll need to fill out an application to verify your eligibility. Fill out the form linked below and email it to Tyi’Erra Martin at

2. Review

All applications for Citilink Access eligibility will be processed within 21 days of the receipt of your complete application. You will be notified in writing of your eligibility determination.

3. Start riding!

Once your application is approved, you are given the thumbs up to start scheduling your first trip!

To schedule a trip, call our office at 260-432-4546

Riding with Citilink Access

1. Download the Citilink Access app

Download the app from the App Store for Apple devices or the Google Play store for Android devices, then log into your account.


2. Book your ride

Riders will set their pickup and drop-off locations, select a travel reason, add any additional passengers, and then schedule a time to ride.

3. Get ready to ride

The app will search for availability and return with a 30 minute booking window. On the day of the trip, riders will be able to track their ride in real time and get ETAs and notifications. The driver will wait no longer than five (5) minutes after they arrive within your pick-up window.

Scheduling without the app

1. Call our office

We recommend scheduling both legs of your trip by calling our office as soon as possible, as much as 14 days in advance. Reservations must be requested by 5:00 PM the day before you wish to travel so we can best accommodate you. If you are certified to travel with a personal care attendant, they may travel with you at no additional charge.

2. Confirm your pickup

Remember to call to confirm your pick-up times after 5:00 PM the day before each scheduled trip. You can reach our office at 260-432-4546. Telephone information lines are staffed between 5:30 AM and 8:30 PM weekdays, and 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Saturdays.

2. Ride the bus

Be prepared for the vehicle to arrive within the 30-minute window of time provided when you confirmed your ride. The driver will wait no longer than five (5) minutes after they arrive within your pick-up window. Be sure to have your fare of $2.50 in exact cash ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there assistance with boarding the bus?

Access drivers are trained to assist you with boarding and exiting the vehicle from the curb. Assistance includes, but is not limited to, offering a steadying arm, maneuvering wheelchairs onto the lift, operating the lift, and securing mobility devices/seat belts. You may board by standing on the lift.

Can I schedule more than one ride at a time?

Yes. You may schedule up to 3 round trips per phone call. If you have more than 3 trips, simply call back as many times as needed. You will still need to call to confirm your pick-up times after 5:00 PM the day before each scheduled trip.

What do I do if I need to change my ride after it has been scheduled?

If you want to change your destination once your trip has been scheduled, you must call the Citilink office immediately and let us know of the change. No changes can be made to a trip after 5:00 PM the day before or the day of your trip.

What do I do if I need to cancel a trip?

If you discover you cannot take a scheduled trip, IMMEDIATELY call the Citilink office and cancel the ride. If you do not cancel with at least two hours notice of when the vehicle should arrive to pick you up, you will be considered a “No Show,” and you will be charged for that trip at your next scheduled pick-up.

What do I do with my wheelchair or other mobility devices?

Our drivers will be able to secure all mobility aids on your behalf.

Can I bring carry-on items?

Up to two carry-on items are permitted. You or your companion are responsible for transporting the items.

Are there times when Access is not available?

There is no Citilink fixed route or Access service on Sundays or holidays, including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Can I bring a service animal or pet?

Service animals are welcome; however, you must control their behavior. Any other animal must be secured in a proper pet carrier. All animals must be properly groomed.

Will other people ride when I ride?

As a public transit rider, you should expect other riders to be present during your trip. As a shared ride service, your trip may take up to twice the time a fixed-route bus would take.

Can I get to the same places as a fixed route?

Access will take you anywhere a fixed route bus will take you and anywhere else within the Fort Wayne city limits and within 3⁄4 mile of our New Haven route. You may use Access to go any place you might take a fixed route bus and for any reason.

Can I still ride the fixed route bus?

Of course, and we encourage you to! In fact, for a $3.00 charge, Citilink will provide an Access Photo ID that will allow Access-certified customers to ride any fixed route bus (including the deviation/flex routes) for FREE. If you would like to come in for a photo ID, to buy tickets, etc., Citilink office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Scheduling Checklist

  • Your first and last name
  • Your home address, including apartment number
  • The exact address of your pick-up location, including any special instructions
  • If possible, a telephone number at your pick-up location
  • The exact address of your destination, including any special instructions
  • If possible, a telephone number at your destination location
  • Your requested day/date and pick-up time or appointment time (please allow at least one hour of travel time)
  • The time you want to be picked up for your return trip
  • If you will be using a mobility device (wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane, etc.)
  • If you will have a companion, personal care attendant, or a service animal traveling with you
  • It is also helpful to provide a cell phone or emergency number if we need to contact you.

Questions? Contact us or schedule travel training today!