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Sarah’s Story

By February 15, 2023No Comments

Sarah is 19 and majoring in marketing with a minor in META at University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne, IN. She can ride Cougar Express “to work out at the downtown YMCA. I’m an athlete and play soccer here. I love working out with other people. I love that the downtown YMCA has group classes or the option of just the gym. It’s the best of both worlds with great prices because of my student discount. I love Downtown Fort Wayne and want to stay in Fort Wayne when I graduate. I could go to New York or Chicago but I love being part of what Fort Wayne is becoming, and being part of the change. Coming here from a small town makes this feel like a big city. I like that it is convenient. You can make it your own, and go where you want because downtown is flexible. My favorite thing about the Cougar Express is seeing my friends on there or people you don’t have class with.”