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Public Transportation Travel Training Program Now Available!

By September 7, 2022February 9th, 2023No Comments

Citilink is now offering a travel training program on its fixed route system Monday through Friday for just the cost of your bus fare!

Citilink staff will work with you to develop an individualized program to fit your needs, ride the bus with you, and then review the experience to determine if you need an additional ride-along session to independently travel on public transportation.

“Travel Training is an incredible program because no matter what type of travel you are looking for – how to go from your residence to work or how to ride the entire fixed route system – Citilink staff are prepared to work with you on making sure you feel safe, comfortable, and excited to be on your way to independent travel!” Said Citilink’s Marketing and Development Manager, Ashley Pino.

Travel Training is available for groups or for individuals and riders under 18 years of age require a consent form. Citilink is also offering presentations to organizations and companies that are looking for an explanation and background on public transportation services nearby their location.

“I am grateful to share my passion for the people and for Citilink with the community. Together we are going to learn information on how to read maps/schedules, our accessibility features, our available apps on android/apple devices, riding the bus, and so much more.” Shares Citilink’s Outreach Coordinator/Travel Trainer, Pecola Trice.

Book your session and learn more here: