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Citilink Looking to Procure CITS (Citilink Intelligent Transportation System)

Citilink desires to improve its transit bus fleet services by implementing CITS (Citilink Intelligent Transportation System). Citilink will use CITS to manage its bus operations from its dispatch area located at the 801 Leesburg Road facility. The dispatcher at the CITS workstation oversees all bus lines, handling exception conditions from the time buses leave the bus yard with scheduled Drivers at scheduled times, until the buses return to the yard. The dispatcher handles voice calls from the buses and other events from a CITS-maintained queue, making radio or other calls to gather information and distribute instructions. The dispatcher changes routes, schedules, and other assignments as necessary to maintain bus service.

Citilink is procuring CITS to improve the public transportation services it provides to the community it serves. CITS shall be designed to provide an efficient, effective, reliable, flexible, and expandable bus fleet management system and traveler information system to meet the needs of the Citilink dispatchers, bus drivers, supervisors, management, and Citilink’s public ridership. The objectives of CITS are as follows:

  • Provide a reliable tool to manage bus operations
  • Improve service quality
  • Improve delivery of transit information to the public
  • Improve operational efficiency

To access our RFP for CITS, please click the link here: CITS Technical Specifications July 2024

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