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Citilink Announces Route Stop at Turnstone

By July 9, 2024July 11th, 2024No Comments


Date: July 9, 2024

Citilink is announcing an important update to our Route #8 Glenbrook/Northrop

Effective next Monday, July 15, Route #8 Glenbrook/Northrop will have a new stop opened directly at Turnstone to better serve our community.

Prior to this partnership with Turnstone, the City of Fort Wayne, and the AWS Foundation, Citilink was not able to directly serve this location as our buses were not able to pull onto Turnstone’s property.

We were able to update our route early this year to have 30 minute frequency near Turnstone.

Now that the road construction is complete, we are excited to be able to start pulling into the Turnstone Center every 30 minutes.

The updated route will transition off Clinton onto Turnstone’s property, then proceed to the mall after the Turnstone stop. The stop at Turnstone will continue to be an outbound-only stop (heading toward the mall).

We are now better able to accommodate individuals with disabilities, providing easier access to Turnstone and nearby businesses on our fixed route service.

Thank You,


Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation

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