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    Pay with your phone, ride the bus>

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    That's my Citilink.

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    That's my Citilink.

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    That's my Citilink.

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Youth Summer Fun Pass!

Unlimited rides all summer long for only 30 cents/day.

Starting May 21, 2018 passes will be available at most Kroger stores, the Citilink administrative office, or on-line from the Citilink website pass store.


Anyone with an internet connection can buy anyone a bus pass and have it instantly delivered and available for use!

send a pass now!



Where's my bus?

Now you can use your computer, smart phone or other web enabled portable device to see exactly when your bus will arrive at any Citilink bus stop in our system!

It's as easy as entering a bus stop and the route you are looking for, and you will receive live, continuously updated information on when that bus should arrive at the stop.

Click here to learn more.

link to RouteWatch