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stand up 4 transportation #SU4T

Communities around the country are coming together to take part in Stand Up 4 Transportation Day.

On April 9, supporters around the nation are uniting in their communities and online to send a powerful message to Congress: It's time to provide long-term investment for America's transportation network.

Only comprehensive, long-term federal funding will enable us to repair, maintain, and adequately expand America's public transportation, roads, bridges, ports, and rail systems to help bring our national transportation system up to speed with the 21st century.

Short-term, inconsistent funding slows progress and costs America's taxpayers more in the long run.

Stand Up 4 Transportation map of the US

Sign the Petition!

Congress must take action by May 31. They need to know it's not acceptable simply to keep kicking the can down the road a few months at a time.

Help us urge Congress: Take real, bi-partisan action to support transportation in our communities.