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Moving Stories

Get to know Jacob and Kylin

Say hello to Jacob Ganser and Kylin Bass from USF. They take our Cougar Express to help with gas efficiency, and easy access to University of Saint Francis - Fort Wayne, IN classes in Downtown Fort Wayne!


Get to know Tom

Transit Driver Appreciation Day is Saturday, March 18. Thank you to all of our drivers that dedicate themselves to service including Tom Pfefferkorn who has been a driver for 37 years! We appreciate all of you!


Get to know Tyler

Tyler uses Citilink Access to work at Fort Wayne Metals three days a week where he runs a drill press for the shipping and handling department. He has taken Uber to work once and it cost $20 for a one way trip. He feels that even though Citilink Access is not as convenient, it is much more affordable ($2.50/trip), and he appreciates Citilink drivers like Chris that are "friendly and helpful".


Get to know Jim

Jim and his leader dog Mica use our Flexlink Route 21 Bus to work out at the Parkview YMCA and the new Turnstone Plassman Athletic Center. Jim wants everyone to know how important Citilink is to him: "It provides me the freedom to go to work and to work out on my own, with Mica of course. Not everyone has a visible challenge, Citilink is there for anyone who needs a lift." Thank you for riding, Jim!


Get to know Sheila

Welcome aboard! Sheila has been a Citilink driver for many years; her mother is also a Citilink driver and so was her grandfather. Many Citilink staff have a long history of service to our community. The connections that riders make on the bus get them where they need to go, and sometimes it feels like family.


Get to know Luke

Get to know Luke. He rides Citilink every day to work, to run errands, and to attend choir practice. He has been riding for over 3 years now and loves it because "it goes just about anywhere that I need to go, but would love for it to someday run on Sundays and later at night."


This is Alexandria

This is Alexandria. She is 24 and has been riding Citilink for the last 3 years. She uses the bus to "get to work or just about anywhere". She usually gets on the bus early to make sure she isn't late for work and loves using the RouteWatch map on her phone "all the time" to know where her bus is at. Thanks for riding with us, Alexandria!


Meet Kaitlind

Meet Kaitlind, 24, who has been riding Citilink for years. "The bus is always clean. I have been riding it since I was 16 without a problem. I ride about five days a week to get to work and usually buy the month pass." Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kaitlind. Your smile would brighten anybody's day!


Meet Larnell

Meet Larnell. He rides Citilink about once a week. "I mostly use the bus for work so my wife can have the car." He tells us that he enjoys Citilink mainly for the "convenience and easy use". Thank you for sharing your story with us, Larnell!


Get to know Donna

Get to know Donna. She moved to Fort Wayne from Chicago to be closer to family. She rides Citilink regularly and told us about the affordability of Fort Wayne when compared to Chicago. She told us that she has "enjoyed Citilink and the really nice people here." We are lucky to have you, Donna!


Rudy and Carmen

Get to know Rudy and Carmen who became friends while riding on Citilink. Rudy has been riding the bus while her car gets fixed and called this a "good experience". Carmen has been riding the bus with her 3 girls who all found the trips to be "exciting". We love seeing friendships blossom on the buses!



Cheryl (pictured with her grandson Brandon) has been riding the bus her entire life. She doesn't drive and uses the bus everywhere she goes including shopping, the zoo, the dentist, and trips to Wal-Mart. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Cheryl!



Congratulations to Amber Wilson who won our 'Why I Dump the Pump' contest on Facebook with the following response:

"I've rode the bus since I was in eighth grade. I have found that in any situation I can count on the reliability of the Citilink bus routes. The cost is efficient for any income level. Anytime I ride, I know I am up for an adventurous time, whether it be conversation, sites, new people, whatever it may be a ride on Citilink never disappoints." - Amber Wilson.

Ms. Wilson shared "I was glad to get the Facebook message (that she had won) because it has been a rough time lately and I was glad to get some good news for a change". She plans to use the gift card to renew their membership at the Renaissance YMCA for the kids and looks forward to exploring more of Fort Wayne using the unlimited ride monthly bus pass.



This is Ethel one of our long-time Citilink riders. She has raised two daughters as a single mother (and has 5 grand children) and worked hard to put her girls through school. She depends on Citilink to get her to work on time. She told us that "If I can do it, anyone can do it." Thank you for riding with us and sharing your story, Ethel!



The Thomas family has produced three generations of Citilink bus drivers. Pictured here are L-R Richard Thomas, John Thomas & Richard Thomas, Jr. Richard, Jr. recalls; "Busses are in our blood, my Dad made buses out of old cereal boxes when he was a child and it was my childhood dream to be a bus driver."